COVID-19 Resources

What you need to know regarding COVID-19:
Resources and Guidelines

THE CHICAGO CHAPTER of the Fulbright Association is here for you. We are bringing accessible information to the Fulbright Community during these times of uncertainty.  We encourage you to pass on these resources to family and your community. Part of the response to these challenging times, is information and readiness. Together we can get through these unprecedented times. It starts and ends with us. —Dr. Edel Marie Jose, President, Chicago Chapter

» Your medical questions answered: Part 1

» Your medical questions answered: Part 2

» Chicago-area medical resources

» COVID-19 around the world: Map and statistics

» Mental health: Dealing with loss and isolation

» Sheltering in place increases risk, danger for abuse victims of all ages

» “Trapped” at home? Activities to enjoy our “free” time

» In times of distress, supporting local news sources is more important than ever

» Food resources in Chicago

» Housing resources. Remain connected!

» Resources for students, instructors