Welcome Fulbrighters!

Close to 50 Fulbright students from different countries of the world were welcome by past Fulbright recipients and members of the board of the Chicago Chapter of the Fulbright Association on Saturday October 23, 2010 at the International House of the University of Chicago in Hyde Park.

Besides food, beverages and animated conversation, we all had the chance to enjoy the presentation of storyteller Beth Horner, who entertained the audience with interesting stories and tales from Chicago and other parts of the world. Halloween was a good reason for her to share with us some spooky, and in some cases, hilarious stories.

We all left with a great community-building experience and a bag of Halloween treats! (Photos courtesy of Margo McFarland, Past President)

Storyteller Beth Horner sharing her stories, some of them passed on to her by her grandmother

A group of current Fulbright students shared a nice afternoon at the International House of the University of Chicago

Fulbright Association Chicago Chapter President Monica Swope and storyteller Beth Horner after the performance

Fulbright Association Chicago Chapter board member Lisa Vázquez attended the Welcome Event with her baby!

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