Beautiful architecture on a gorgeous welcoming day

SEVENTY TWO PARTICIPANTS among Fulbright students and scholars, alumni association members, an IIE representative and three consular officers enjoyed an educational river cruise that showcased the beautiful Chicago architecture.

The 2011 Fall Welcome event took place last Saturday September 17, starting at 3 pm. when citizens from all over the world met to share this invaluable experience. The day was sunny with a 72 degree temperature. A beautiful fall day that allowed everybody to appreciate clearly the different important buildings that can be seen from the Chicago River.

The Tribune Tower, the Wrigley building, Marina City (a.k.a. the Corncobs,) the massive Merchandise Mart, the Willis Tower (ex-Sears Tower and nowadays the tallest city in the U.S.) were a sample of the over 20 buildings that the tour guide presented. The tour ended at 5 pm. with an informal get-together at a restaurant on the other side of the river, where students and alumni socialized and exchanged stories. Here there are some of the beautiful views: (Photos courtesy of Cristina Sisson and Jackie Spinner)

Tourists waving from the Adams Bridge over the Chicago River.

Fulbright students enjoying the Architectural River Cruise.

A magnificent view of the buildings on the way towards the south branch of the Chicago River.

Board members Kari Burnett, Lauren Ostrowski and Stephen Hill.

A view from the front of the boat.

The Civic Opera Building on the south Branch of the river.

River City (right,) designed by Bertrand Goldberg (he designed Marina City as well) and the Willis Tower (ex-Sears Tower.)

A view towards Lake Michigan, to the east. Notice the Merchandise Mart, Marina City and the Trump Tower, on the right side.

"To the right, to the left, in front of us..." Board member Linda Gruber (left) observes carefully

Fulbright students having a good time after the architectural river cruise.

More conversation and fun at the restaurant after the cruise

What a beautiful day! A great experience to begin the academic year.

2 responses to “Beautiful architecture on a gorgeous welcoming day

  1. Great photos and company! Who could ask for more? Our chapter is off to a fine start this year.

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