Chairman of the Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board meets with the Chicago Chapter of the Fulbright Association

Elio Leturia, Thomas Ahleman, Tom Healy, Jason Romano, Cristina Sisson, Norma Green and Heidi Rockwell (not pictured) met over dinner on March 2.

DURING A VISIT in Chicago the first week of March, Tom Healy, chairman of the Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board, which oversees the Fulbright program worldwide, met with board members of the Chicago Chapter of the Fulbright Association.

Appointed to the National Scholarship Board by President Obama in 2011, Healy was elected chairman.

Tom Healy with board members Cristina Sisson and Jason Romano

He took this trip to meet current Fulbright students and alumni and to visit several colleges and universities, among them University of Illinois at Chicago and the School of the Art Institute. On Friday March 2nd, he met with Fulbrighters at a breakfast organized by IIE Midwest, and had a chance to talk directly with international students and their experiences in the country.

On Saturday March 3rd, Tom Healy and his assistant, Andrew Durbin, had dinner with Chicago Chapter board members and discussed issues pertaining to the association and its members as well as how to strengthen the activities the chapter organizes as part of their outreach, mentoring and enrichment goals with the Fulbright community in the Chicago area.

Photos courtesy of Andrew Durbin

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