Cultural Guides For Fulbright Scholars

Dinner and conversation among scholars from around the world are the main purpose of this annual activity

Fulbright scholars enjoying dinner at the Weber Grill Restaurant

ON MARCH 29, 2012, WordChicago invited the board members of the Chicago Chapter of the Fulbright Association to host Fulbright scholars to dinner, as part of the program it’s offered to these international professors and researchers, who are working in different cities  and universities across the United States.

Kari Burnett, Marilyn Susman, Don Garner, Cristina Sisson, Bruni Hirsch and Monica Swope acted as “Cultural Guides” for these Fulbrighters. WorldChicago assigns a number of professors and researchers to be taken for a night on the town and learn about what Chicago has to offer.

Fulbright Scholar with board members Monica Swope (center) and Kari Burnett (right)

Photos courtesy of Monica Swope

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