“The Fulbright Branding Effect on Membership Development,” free workshop

WE NEED YOUR HELP to continue growing the Chicago Chapter membership. There are hundreds of Fulbright Alumni in the Chicago area who are NOT members of the Fulbright Association. In addition, there are many more who believe in the mission of Senator Fulbright of the importance of international cultural exchange and may not know that they could also join the Association as Friends of Fulbright.

We are inviting you to attend a free membership workshop on Saturday, November 9, 2013. The goal of the workshop is to help us to pass on the Fulbright vision and to recruit new Fulbright Association members.
WHEN Saturday, November 9, 2013
TIME 9.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.
WHERE Columbia College Chicago, 33 E. Congress, Room 219

Fred Siegman

Fred Siegman

The workshop, led by expert branding consultant Fred Siegman, will cover these areas:
1.   Envisioning our Future
2.   Retaining current members
3.   Recruiting new Fulbright Association members

In addition, the workshop will give you a chance to meet other Fulbright Association members in the Chicago Chapter and members of the Board. Lunch will be served. Coffee and snacks throughout the morning and afternoon.

Please sign up for the workshop at the following link HERE or using the direct link below.


Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to meeting you at our Membership Workshop!

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