Nominate a candidate for the Fulbright Chicago Dee Sarelas Service Award!

Marilyn Susman, Thomas Ahleman and Ana García-García, past recipients of the Dee Sarelas Service Award

Marilyn Susman, Thomas Ahleman and Ana Gil-García, past recipients of the Dee Sarelas Service Award

ALL FULBRIGHT ASSOCIATION-CHICAGO CHAPTER MEMBERS are invited to assist with the award named after the Chicago Chapter’s founder, Aphrodite (“Dee”) Edith Floros Sarelas, an early Fulbrighter to Greece. A Chicagoan dedicated to interacting with and nurturing Fulbrighters in the Chicago area community, Dee was a person remembered for her wit, empathy, and vivacity in bringing people across cultures together. For the foregoing reasons, the Dee Sarelas Fulbright Service Award has been established in her memory. Please join us in honoring Dee and the Fulbright legacy by submitting a nomination for 2013.


The nominee:

  • must be a living individual;
  • may be a member or non-member and may be a citizen or resident of any country;
  • must have had a significant impact (short- or long-term) on the development of internationalism for the Chicago chapter of the Fulbright Association and/or for the Chicago area community (e.g., program design or delivery, membership recruitment, communication production, international understanding outreach);
  • must exemplify the values of the Fulbright Association;
  • must agree to serve as an ad hoc board member for the Chicago chapter for one year as awardee.


Describe in writing in 75-100 words why your nominee deserves this award, supplying specific examples that tie to the above criteria. (See attached nomination form.) Also, furnish full name, title, employer, and contact information on your nominee as well as yourself.   The Dee Sarelas Fulbright Service awardee will be selected in a nondiscriminatory manner.

Please send your nomination by filling this form or, if you prefer, send your written description and contact information by November 15, 2013 to Dr. Ana Gil-García (Director of Membership, Chicago Chapter) at 6969 N. Ashland Blvd Apt.305, Chicago, IL 60626 or via email at:

Thank you for your participation in our chapter!

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