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$5,000 Prize for Project with Greatest Impact in Promoting Mutual Understanding

The Institute of International Education (IIE) is Now Accepting Applications for the IIE New Leaders Group Award for Mutual Understanding.

In 2005, the Institute of International Education (IIE) New Leaders Group created the IIE New Leaders Group Award for Mutual Understanding to recognize the outstanding work of one recent or current Fulbright grantee who actively promotes mutual understanding between the United States and another country. The individual whose work is judged to have the most impact will receive a $5,000 Award to continue the project. The IIE New Leaders Group will select the winner. The project being recognized must be an ongoing activity that is currently underway; it cannot be a proposal for a project to be done in the future. The Award can be for work in any field. The intent of this Award is to recognize some of the best and the brightest young professionals and to encourage them to contribute and further promote their innovative ideas, valuable knowledge and dedication to the cause of mutual understanding with the $5,000 Award. More information about the IIE New Leaders Group can be found at: www.iie.org/NewLeadersGroup

Application Deadline: March 7, 2011