A scene of hospitality

Everybody happy after having "Coquito" custard for dessert

Among the several groups of Fulbright students who were invited to share a night of hospitality on Friday March 12, there was one that spent several hours with great food and fun at the house of Dr. Ana Gil-García. Students were picked up at the Palmer House, transported via the “L” to Dr. Gil-García’s home where her daughter Ana Bonnie greeted all with a delicious meal. At that moment, Dr. Gil García’s was in Central America, where she had been invited by the State Department to offer presentations on education in several institutions of Guatemala and Belize. She didn’t want to cancel the event since she hosts this special night with students every year.

The guests came from all continents: Rita Tomás (Portugal,) Sanae Nakatani (Japan,) Kristal Pouching (Trinidad & Tobago,) Alberto Cerda (Chile,) Sylvie Schwarzwälder (Germany,) Hatem Manasrah (Palestine,) Fariz Mammadov (Azerbaijan,) Telma Romao (Mozambique,) Franz Hensel (Colombia) and Arturo Díaz Ramos (Spain.)

One response to “A scene of hospitality

  1. Ana Gil Garcia

    Great picture…I am glad that my Fulbright fellows enjoyed that evening!

    Thank you Elio and Alonso, both fellow Fulbrighters who co-hosted that evening…you did a great job!

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