Sharing a meal with the Fulbright community

Board member Cristina Sisson, right, and three Fulbright students she took to dinner to Irazú, a Costa Rican restaurant in Bucktown, Chicago

On the evening of March 25, 2011, four board members of the Chicago Chapter of the Fulbright Association shared a meal and their time while getting to know Fulbright visitors. Each spring, the Institute of International Education (IIE) organizes the Fulbright Enrichment Seminar which invites dozens of Fulbright fellows studying around the country to Chicago.

The Home Hospitality Dinner is a community-building event in which a Fulbright alum takes a couple or more (sometimes ten!) visiting Fulbright students to dinner, either at home or at a restaurant. Monica Swope, Vice President of our chapter, who took two students this year says, “the Home Hospitality Dinner provides me with the opportunity to meet Fulbrighters in a more informal setting and is always a time well spent and treasured.”

A similar event took place the week after, on April 1, 2011 when a different group of visiting Fulbright scholars and researchers were invited by four chapter members to share a meal. They opened their homes to host groups of Fulbrighters who were coming from different academic institutions across the U.S.

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