An educational partnership with Northeastern Illinois University

Elio Leturia, president of the Chicago Chapter of the Fulbright Association, moderating a panel on International Education Leadership at Northeastern Illinois University

Along with Chicago Public Schools, Pearson Education, Advisory Council on Latino Affairs of the City of Chicago and Northeastern Illinois University Department of Education Leadership, our Chicago Chapter was a sponsor of the Educational Leadership Summit II at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago.

The academic summit, that congregated over 120 educators, took place on an all-day event on June 27, 2011.

Dr. Ana Gil-García, a tenured professor at Northeastern University and Director of Membership of the Fulbright Association, Chicago Chapter, was the main organizer of the event.

A panel session on International Educational Leadership formed by three Fulbright students, Tairou Goura from Togo, Yommon Tschinsala from Chad and Mateus Yumamanto from Indonesia, along with Dr. Alonso Villarán (also a chapter board member) from Peru, presented on the educational systems in their countries of origin. Elio Leturia, president of the Chicago Chapter a Columbia College Chicago professor moderated the panel, which provoked a fluid participation from the audience due to its international approach.

The participants who attended the summit were asked to donate a bilingual book as part of the Chapter’s International Book Partnership Initiative.  This project, already established, aims to deliver bilingual books to other countries in partnership with the different Fulbright offices around the globe.

The Fulbright team at the Northeastern Illinois University Educational Leadership Summit II: Elio Leturia, Yommon Tschinsala, Chad; Tairou Goura, Togo; Mateus Yumamanto, Indonesia; Dr. Ana Gil-García and Dr. Alonso Villarán

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