News from Egypt: Dr. Ana Gil-García delivered a presentation and a workshop

Chicago Chapter board member Dr. Ana Gil García, currently teaching at American University in Cairo, presents at Menoufia University

IN MARCH 2012, Elio Leturia, president of the Chicago Chapter of the Fulbright Association visited the Binational Fulbright Commission in Egypt to meet with the leaders of the Fulbright Alumni Circles of Teachers and Humanities and to talk about potential collaborations and support between the chapter and the Egypt Fulbright alumni.

Dr. Ana Gil-García

As a result of this visit, Dr. Ana Gil-García, board member currently living and teaching in Egypt, delivered a talk titled “The meaning of professional development of English as a Foreign Language teachers” on April 21, 2012 at Menoufia University organized by Dr. Osama Madany, Fulbright Leader of the Humanities Circle, and Chair of the Department of English Language and Literature of the Faculty of Arts. The forum was sponsored by the US American Embassy in Egypt.

Dr. Ana Gil-Garcia and the Fulbright Alumni Teacher’s Circle in Cairo, Egypt

Part of the interactive workshop that Dr. Gil-Garcia delivered on April 28

A week later on Saturday April 28, supported by the Binational Fulbright Commission and organized by the Fulbright Alumni Teachers’ Circle, Ana Gi-García delivered an interactive workshop titled “Leadership and Research: The triumphant recipe for school improvement”. Both activities were well attended and the work of the Chicago Chapter was praised and complimented.

At the same meeting with Leturia, the fellow Fulbrighter, Dr. Osama Madany presented the library project for the Department of English Language and Literature. Menoufia University, a public institution with an enrollment of 70,000 students, lacks of a library to support the academic instruction of the student body and faculty members. Especially, there is a lack of books, journals, bibliographic references in general related to the field of Teaching English as a Foreign Language, EFL.

Through different Chicago universities and faculty, the Chicago Chapter through its Book Initiative Program, agreed on a book drive to collect specialized books to be donated to the Department of English language and Literature of Menoufia University.

Dr. Everette Penn

Dr. Everette Penn, Fulbright National Board member and Chair of the Diversity Task Force, has congratulated the chapter for this unique effort. He has expressed interest in participating in the book drive, and on his next visit to Cairo from June 02-12, 2012, will bring the first donation for the EFL library, co-project undertaken by the Fulbright Alumni Circle of Humanities in Egypt and the Chicago Chapter.

Once more, the Fulbright Alumni of the Chicago Chapter engage in experiences that advance international understanding through volunteer service to communities.

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