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With “Bringing the World to the Classroom” Initiative Fulbrighters visit CPS schools

Fulbrighter Baqar Sayed from Pakistan talking to Westinghouse College Prep students

“Bringing the World to the Classroom” is a unique outreach program that started in August of 2010. The Chicago Chapter of the Fulbright Association, in partnership with Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and the Institute of International Education (IIE,) matches Fulbright students with CPS teachers in order to promote the Fulbright program and provide opportunities for authentic cross-cultural exchanges. Fulbrighters foster mutual understanding and respect for world cultures and motivate students to become engaged global citizens.

This past year five high schools, one elementary school and over two hundred students from Chicago area schools took advantage of this program. Board members also presented at four CPS professional development seminars to promote Fulbright programming to teachers. Fulbright students from Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Colombia, Greece, Japan, Bulgaria, among others have participated in this program.

This ongoing program was originally developed by Fulbright Association, Chicago Chapter board members Monica Swope, Cristina Sisson and Lisa Vásquez (now in Washington D.C.) This year, Jason Romano is the new addition to the team.

Fulbrighter Farida Abdulhafizova from Kyrgyzstan sharing her experiences with Northside College Prep High School students

Colombian Fulbrighter Andrés Gómez and his wife, Ana, visited Westinghouse College Prep

Fulbrighter Orestis Omran Koukouvitakis from Greece surrounded by a group of High School students

Fulbrighter Tetsushi Imatomi talking to Ogden High School students and sharing Japanese culture