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Bring the world to your home: Share dinner with Fulbright students!

Every year foreign Fulbright students from all over the country visit Chicago

EACH YEAR,  the Department of State sponsors Fulbright Enrichment
Seminars throughout the country. The IIE (Institute of International
Education) Midwest Regional Center organizes the Fulbright Enrichment
Seminar in Chicago and brings over 140 first-year Foreign Fulbright
students from around the world together to spend four days in the City.

The Chicago Seminar will be held March 8 – 11, 2012. The Home
Hospitality Evening will be on Friday, March 9. We invite you to open
your homes to two or three Fulbrighters for dinner and a short visit.
This unique experience is an integral part of our students’ exposure to US culture.

Please contact Brooke Olsen at 312-254-3205 or chicagoseminar@iie.org
for more information.

Every year, Dr. Ana Gil-García, past president of the Chicago Chapter of the Fulbright Association, hosts international Fulbright students at her home in Rogers Park.

You can host as many Fulbright students you want: a unique oppportunity to get to know the world through their experiences.