Scenes from an American hospitality dinner

(Front from left) Elisa Uusimaeki, Mirana Razafindramboa, Agnes Brugger (Stephen's wife); (Rear from left) Achille Mutombo, Stephen Hill, Hosni Zobai and Arnaud Dakpogan got to know each other during the dinner hospitality program.

EVERY YEAR, AS PART OF the Fulbright Enrichment program organized by IIE (Institute of International Education,) the Fulbright alumni are asked to open their homes for a hospitality dinner. This casual event allows Fulbrighters studying around the United States to get to know one another as well as our marvelous city.

For Fulbright Association-Chicago Chapter board member Stephen Hill, this is the fifth time he and his family host international Fulbrighters, and as he says “each time has been very rewarding.”

Hosni Zobai, from Israel, ready for a sip of red wine.

This year they were joined by Achille Mutombo (DRC; Law Mich State), Mirana Razafindramboa (Madagascar; Travel/Tourism RIT), Elisa Uusimaeki (Finland; Theology Yale), Arnaud Dakpogan (Benin; Economics Williams) and Hosni Zoabi (Israel; Law Geo. Washington).  They made their way up the Red line to the Howard street station where they were picked up.  After enjoying drinks a meal followed which flew a steady stream of questions and observations about their various countries and experiences.  As several of them were either from or had lived in Africa, the conversations frequently returned to issues of governance, patronage, and the high rate of economic growth found in some sub-Saharan countries.  As a good welcoming American the meal was finished, naturally, with apple pie! Photos courtesy Stephen Hill

Achille Mutombo from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Mirana Razafindramboa from Madagascar sharing dinner while getting to know other international Fulbright students and their American hosts.

Arnaud Dakpogan from Benin and Elisa Uusimaeki from Finland about to enjoy the American apple pie.

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