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Welcome to Chicago, Fulbrighters!

Welcome to Chicago, the Windy City.

ON A SLIGHTLY overcast but fortunately rainless autumn day, the Chicago Chapter of the Fulbright Association welcomed Fulbrighters from all over the world. The first event of the academic year was an architectural tour on the Chicago River that gave us the opportunity to present the beauty of the city of Chicago to the newcomers, and share it with the local Fulbright alumni.

Sixty eight people participated in the 2018 Fall Welcome.

“Sixty eight Fulbrighters, between members of the association and Fulbright students and scholars have come to participate in this event today,” said Meredith McNeil, president of the Chicago Chapter of the Fulbright Association. Students and scholars not only from Chicago universities but also from from Champaign-Urbana, Normal-Bloomington and Dekalb participated in the event.

At the base of the Wrigley Building, where the tour started.

The Wendella Tours boat left its wharf at the base of the Wrigley Building and sailed the Chicago River bypassing the south branch to reach the Willis Tower (ex-Sears Tower, the second tallest building in the United States.) There it turned around and came back to cross under Michigan Avenue and continued until entering Lake Michigan, from where we all could appreciate the skyline of this wonderful city.

Fulbright students and scholars enjoying the tour.

Among the buildings that stood out in this tour are the Marina City, built in 1964, the Merchandise Mart— that in 1930 became was the largest building in the (372,000 m2) and had its own postal code—the IBM building, the Civic Opera House, the NBC Tower, the Carbide and Carbon Building with its gold leaf top, the 333 West Wacker Drive building and its dramatic curved, green glass façade to the most modern Lake Point Tower and Aqua buildings, to cite just a few.

The Trump Tower, the second tallest building in Chicago.

At the end of the tour, the group moved to the Howell’s & Hood Restaurant, in the Tribune Tower building, another architectural wonder, where the scholars, students and members of the association shared a lunch and moments of friendship and camaraderie.

The entire group!

Fulbright students and scholars enjoying a good time at the lake.

Lifetime Fulbright Association member Jane Florine, an ethnomusicologist who did her Fulbright in Argentina.

Scholars and their families participated in our Fall Welcome.

Past recipients of the Fulbright Dee Sarelas Service Award Marilyn Susman (2010) and Ana Gil-García (2012).

The view from Lake Michigan.

Judy and Serafín Veramendi, and our boat tour guide.

Fulbright Chicago past presidents Elio Leturia (2011-12), Ana Gil-García (2008) and Don Garner (2007).

The city views from Lake Michigan are spectacular.

In this Fulbright group, Spanish was the language of choice.

At the patio of Howell’s & Hood Restaurant.

Three current Fulbright scholars. At the center, Teuta Peja from Kosovo.

Poland, Kosovo, Mexico and Peru are represented in this Fulbright group.

The food line is always a good place to get to know each other!

Another Fulbright group (all Argentines, and one Mexican) having a good time.

Swedish immigration and culture in Argentina

The largest immigration in Latin America was concentrated in Argentina.

The largest immigration in Latin America was concentrated in Argentina.

THIS WILL BE THE TOPIC of a presentation by Dr. Jane Florine, a Chicago Chapter Member, who will give her talk at the Swedish American Museum in Andersonville next month.

WHERE Swedish American Museum, 5211 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL 60640

WHEN March 13, 2016, 4:00pm- 5:30 pm


RSVP via email to museum@samac.org


Swedish American Museum In Andersonville, Chicago

Most Swedish Americans know that in the late 19th and early 20th centuries many Swedes immigrated to the United States–especially to the upper Midwest–but almost none know that some Swedes also immigrated to South America during this same time period. Most of them settled in Argentina. Oberá, in the northeastern Argentine Province of Misiones, was the largest Swedish colony in Latin America. To this day, many Swedish traditions are maintained in this town. The Nordic ethnic group of Oberá participates in the National Immigrant Festival held in this city, where it keeps its Scandinavian traditions alive by presenting Nordic dance, music, and food at the event.

In her presentation, Dr. Florine will discuss Swedish immigration to Argentina and its cultural legacy there.

Jane Florine has lived and worked in Argentina. “Although I was a full-time symphony musician (flutist) at the time, I often played flute at the Swedish Church for services, cultural events, and recitals. Since I am of Scandinavian heritage, this experience got me interested in Swedish immigrant music and culture in Argentina” Dr. Florine said.

Her presentation will largely consist of photographs and informal commentary. The talk will include historical information about Swedish immigration and settlement in Argentina—the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


Late Spring Mixer at Troquet

Kari Burnett, Jane Florine and Ron Harvey

Kari Burnett, Jane Florine and Ron Harvey. Florine is leaving for Argentina on June 30 to do research on ethnomusicology.

By Elio Leturia— SEVENTEEN FULBRIGHTERS, among them Chicago Chapter board members, alumni and students gathered on the evening of June 10 at Troquet Bar to socialize, network and share their Fulbright experiences.

This is our second “mixer,” informal opportunities that aim to connect in a casual atmosphere, Fulbrighters and friends of Fulbright. Last night there were wine specials at this nice Gold Coast bar, and despite the rain, all of us had a great time.

Jenni Schneiderman, our Director of Membership, has been organizing these informal mixers. For suggestions about where to host future ones, please email Jenni at jenni.schneiderman@gmail.com

The next Fulbright mixer will be on Wednesday, July 9th, 2014. Location TBA. Mark your calendars!

Jenni Schneiderman, Fred Siegman and Paul, a studio art professor who got Fulbrights in the UK

Jenni Schneiderman, Fred Siegman and Paul Witt, a studio art teacher who got Fulbrights in the UK and came from Lake Bluff to the mixer.

Distributing knowledge through the Book Partnership Project

Fred Siegman, Ron Harvey and Jane Florine

Fred Siegman, Ron Harvey and Jane Florine getting ready to pack books.

By Mary Mares-Awe—THE CHICAGO CHAPTER OF THE FULBRIGHT ASSOCIATION  is in the final push of completing this year’s book drive as part of its Book Partnership initiative. More than one thousand books have been collected from various schools, organizations, libraries and private individuals over the past several months. Most of the books have been sorted, boxed, and are now ready to be shipped.

The books will be donated to Ethiopian children and to students and children in Macedonia. We are in negotiations with Turkish Airlines for their contribution to this worthwhile project—shipping the books to Macedonia. Some of the Spanish-language books in our collection have been earmarked for children in Guatemala.

José Rodríguez, Jim Nowaczok, Ana Gil-García and Mary Mares-Awe

José Rodríguez, Jim Nowaczok, Ana Gil-García and Mary Mares-Awe

At this point many thanks to everyone  including José, Ron, Mary, Jeff, Ana, Jenni, Fred, Jim, Jane and others who gave up a  part of their  Saturday March 1st, and this past Saturday, March 7th,  in sorting, and boxing up the books. Also, thanks to and many others who’ve been involved with gathering and delivering the books to our storage facility at the Ethiopian Community Association in Rogers Park. This is a huge effort and anyone’s contribution, no matter how small or large, is paramount to the success of this wonderful project.

The books should be on their way to their destinations in the next few weeks.

Background: The Book Partnership began in 2007 and has involved strategic relationship building between our Chicago Chapter and Fulbright Alumni Associations in different countries. Over the last 7 years, thousands of books for school-aged children have been donated. They’ve then been shipped to Fulbright Alumni in Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, Moldova, Ghana and Botswana. The Fulbright Alumni Associations have then distributed the books to local NGOs and schools, and ultimately into the hands of teachers and children.

Photos by Jenni Schneiderman